Friday, September 30, 2016

Day 13: and repeat day 12!

We enjoyed the day at St Nicks so much yesterday we decided to do exactly the same again today, and why not, the holiday is almost over.

So it was a walk to Pedi and then along the new path to St Nicks.

Yesterday we missed the road signs on the new path.

But we were soon at the beach.

So the routine was sun, sea, food, sun, sea, return home.

All very relaxing.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Day 12 Down to the new 'motorway' to St Nicks

We had been told that the path to St Nicks had been upgraded over the winter. As we had not walked there last year we had no idea how bad it was.

Someone had said it was now like a 'motorway! and now having walked the path, and driven the M25 in Surrey, I can see the similarity. Only difference is that the only services on the St Nicks motorway are at the end!

But first a picture around dawn.

Then after a walk to Pedi we set off.

It was now a very good path.

Some people were getting there quicker!

As the path climbs slowly all the way it is still quiet a drop down to the bay.

We found our favoured lounger and had a nice day on the beach. We even managed to walk home!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Day 11 and another new beach for us.

We are now getting towards the end of our holiday and we decided to spend most of it on beaches.

Last year we did not visit Nimborios so it was on our list. A quick walk down the Kalistrata and we were just in time for the taxi boat.

When we arrived the beach was almost empty so we found a longer and settled in for the day.

We had lunch at the taverna and came back on the last boat

It was a very quiet day but we enjoyed the beach.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Day 10 Around the town

Yesterday V had a couple of really bad Mozzy bites and was feeling a bit fragile.We had planed to go out to Nanu but it soon became apparent that we were not going anywhere today.

V returned to bed and I set out to walk the Kateractis.

On the way round to the top I redid some of the pictures from yesterday with the light better.

Then it was down the path. Very different from the Klistrata. Also I found it much harder. No shade rough and always on a slope or steps.

By the time I was at the bottom it was time for a drink and a snack.

Anyway by the time I got back and had a rest V was feeling better and we went out for a walk up the road to the cemetery.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Day 9 The Day of The Locust

Today was a day for pure relaxation. In other words beach, lunch, beach, home.

The beach of choice was St Nicks.

At Pedi it was all industry and commerce, with 2 big boats at the pier. The water tanker and a general cargo boat.

Anyway we were soon on the taxi boat out to St Nicks.

We found a lounger and basically read, slept, swam and ate until time to get the last boat home.

As we got back up to the apartment we found a couple of locust/crickets doing what they do. 

Any way after a rest I decided to have a wander out and took the route across the village square that then circles around the Kastro to the Kateractis path. This again gave me some nice new views.

I did a full circuit and wandered through the lanes of Horio until I found my way home.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Day 8 Pontikokastro

It was another fantastic sunrise with the sun now coming up behind the hill the other side of St Nicks and not over the Turkish hills.

After a bit of breakfast I took a wander up to the Pontikokastro. Going up past the windmills I got a different view of the harbour.

I had a good look at the massive stones that make up the walls of the Pontikokastro.

Moving further up the ridge is a great view of earthworks with Symi behind.

Then it was back to the apartments for a drink then down to Yialos.

Each time we walk down the Kalistrata we seemed to notice a different detail. This time near the bottom I noticed how one of the ruined buildings had some fine cut stone reused in its frontage.

What looks like stone above these finally carved stones is concrete that has been cast to try and imitate the molding of the carving.

We pottered around the harbour did some shopping.

Before going back to the apartment and an afternoon on the beach at Pedi.