Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Waverley revisited

This will be the 51st post I have made to the blog in it's present incarnation. So at this point it is perhaps a good idea to explain how most of the images get presented for the blog. 

I have always shot in what is called RAW format with all the digital cameras that I have owned. The first was a Nikon D1, then a Kodak proSLRn and for the past year a Nikon D700. The RAW format always produces larger files than a JPG file and needs processing in by software to produce a usable file. Also in the time since my first digital camera memory cards have become larger and cheaper. The first card I bought had a 160MB capacity and cost nearly £400. I now shoot onto a 8GB card that I got free with the camera. So although I still shoot RAW for all my images my camera now can also produces a small JPG file that has more than enough quality for the majority of the images I post to this blog.

But from time to time an image needs some work in post production to produce a file that is acceptable to post here. An example are two images I took on Sunday night of the SS Waverley steaming up the Thames at the end of the day. The image have a ND grad added to enhance the sky and some work on exposure and dynamic range. I think the files are worth the extra bit of work

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Mike said...

I agree! There=se images are definitely worth the effort! Jig-saws next... (just kidding!)


The civic centre is 60/70s brutalist. Took a quick walk around the building while on Tuesday night beer run.