Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Gravesend Pubs

Gravesend is a town of many pubs. There is even a book on the history of Gravesend pubs called 'A Pub On Every Corner'

In recent years the town pubs have had a hard time and many are now closed and reused for other purposes.

I have been photographing these buildings as they change. Many have changed their names and most now are being repurposed.

One bar called the HQ Bar closed down last year and has been up for sale. Before It was HQ Bar it was the R Bar.

When I went past it yesterday I saw that the builders had been in and the front of the building was out.

What was interesting was the Borough Shades sign was visible. 

Also at either sides there were the advertising signs for the old pub.

No doubt when I next go to town a new shopfront will be in and a new tenant will be trading.

Tuesday, April 05, 2016


I have known that there is an old Trabant car parked up behind a garden wall of a house that I pass on my way to the station.

It must have been there for at least a dozen years perhaps longer.

Until a few weeks it had been concealed by a door and walls. Then a tree came down and demolished the walls. Since then it has been in view but almost concealed under ivy.

It was one of the things on my mental list of things to photograph, today I had a camera and the time. so I got a picture or two.


Back to the Darnley Mausoleum tonight.