Thursday, March 03, 2011

Barcelona. Time delayed Blogging.

Today will be Day One of a time delayed blog from a trip to Barcelona. We have just got back and rather than spend time online while away I decided to Blog after the event.

Day One

The first day was travelling. The trip was very easy all connections were on time transits were easy and the weather good. We arrived in Barcelona on Saturday afternoon and after booking into the hotel we went out for a walk and then to see the magic fountains. This gave us a feel for the underground with a five stop trip.

The fountains only played on Friday and Saturday nights so this was our only chance to see them.

It was well worth the trip we stayed and saw two displays. After it was back to the hotel, food and bed.

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The civic centre is 60/70s brutalist. Took a quick walk around the building while on Tuesday night beer run.