Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Metal Working

I have tried producing multi image panoramas in the past, the results have been ok when I have produced images without foreground interest. The problem has been that the point of rotation of the camera had been around the tripod and not the exit pupil point.It is possible to buy kit that overcomes this problem, but this costs money and that is in short supply at the moment. 

Last night I went through my 'Bitsa' box and found a few bits that could be adapted to produce a solution.

Tonight I spent about an hour with a drill and some files.

A Metz flash holder bar was the main component. This needed drilling out to enable a Manfrotto tripod screw to be fitted to attach the camera. Next I needed to reduce the length and diameter of a another Manfrotto tripod screw to enable a Hex plate to be fitted. If I had a lathe this would have been easy, but as I don't, a little work with a drill and a file gave a good result.

When the diameter was reduced enough it fitted well. 

A little experiment with positioning will give good results. but a first test looks good.

The stitching was very fast in Photoshop and had no noticeable errors, so possibly I have got very close to the optimum position.

The panorama also shows why I have done little photography over the past few weeks. Gardening has been the main focus for me it may still look unfinished but it is much further on than four weeks ago.


Mike said...

This is very interesting, I look forward to a 360 degree!!!

Ian Goodrick said...

360 degree images would be interesting , but very long and thin!


The civic centre is 60/70s brutalist. Took a quick walk around the building while on Tuesday night beer run.