Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Things Lost

Possibly the most iconic image of the destruction of the past few days has been Allied Carpet showroom at Tottenham here. As Lucy Inglis wrote in the Guardian here the loss of the buildings has taken away part of our architectural heritage. 

What has had little coverage is the fact that the building had been converted into flats in 2002. It was not an award winning conversion, but it was a well thought out regeneration, far better than many, of an old building that created homes for people. 

It was a building that I had photographed for the developer and I remembered it as an interesting building. 


wilma radjabi said...

what a waste those poor people

Ian Goodrick said...

The building was an interesting conversion, and when I realise there were 20 plus flats in the building the tragedy is so much greater.


The civic centre is 60/70s brutalist. Took a quick walk around the building while on Tuesday night beer run.