Friday, March 02, 2012

Strange Days

Every so often when I awake I feel that I have slipped into some parallel universe when everything is the same except for some odd goings on.
This morning was defiantly on of those mornings. Firstly while asleep, I had a very vivid dream. Vivid but surreal. Like I am ever going to work for the UK diplomatic service in Saudi Arabia and need to rescue expats from rampaging dinosaurs.
 Anyway that had set the mood for the day, then to hear that Engelbert Humperdink was the UK entry in this years Eurovision song contest well was I still dreaming. Then to hear that Kodak was ceasing production of slide film. Kodak. This just tripped the day from odd to bizarre.
Finally I walked to the station as usual but found crowds waiting for me. Well found crowds waiting for John Bishop. Sports relief


Mike said...

Who is John Bishop?

Ian Goodrick said...

A comedian. Raising money for sports relief.

More poppies

Many poppies out in the front garden now.