Friday, April 11, 2014

Data Data and more data.

I came across an interesting link today.  A Trillion Trilion megabytes. 

This got me thinking about the data I create.

I am currently sitting on about 2Tb of data this all the images I have created since the year 2000 it currently is backed up onto two desktop drives. these are about 3 years old and are due to be upgraded. Not having looked at the hardware in a few years I found this.

Item Weight168 g
Product Dimensions11.2 x 8.2 x 1.8 cm
Item model numberHX-M201TCB/G
SeriesHX-M201TCB/G M3
Hard Drive Size2 TB

This means I my entire digital life will sit on a 168g drive. That is about the weight of a 5 pack of 120 roll film that I shot unto about 2003. 

So to put things in perspective. 

All my photography from my birth until 2003 consists of a shelf about 6' long full of negatives in folders plus 3 draws of a filing cabinet full of first choice transparencies plus 5 archive boxes of 2nd choice transparencies and this after shredding 2 large bin bags of reject transparencies a few years ago.

All my digital photographs from 2000 until now on a 168 gram hard drive!

Now that would have looked like magic when I started in the business in 1976.

As Arthur C Clarke said. 

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