Tuesday, November 10, 2009

From the weekend.

After a day in work I was out to the the art group meeting in Sevenoakes. Two interesting speakers plus the submission of the form for the selling exhibition. 

This has left very little time for shooting today, so a picture from the weekend is called for. 

I had a visit to a favourite site that will soon be gone. The old cement silos at the Blue Circle site at Northfleet are in the final stages of demolition. Two have gone with the rest gone over the next few days. I also had a look out over the rest of the site but all that is left are the long rotary ovens and the two chimneys that have dominated the are for so many years.

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Mike said...

When they came, perhaps people felt they were intrusive on the landscape but now they go they will be missed, especially the chimneys! We do not have a natural landscape (even the fields and hills are not 'natural') and it seems over time even industry becomes part of it. They become familiar sights that give an assurance of continuity so when they go we miss them.

More poppies

Many poppies out in the front garden now.