Monday, November 30, 2009

London in Winter sun

I had a shoot in London this morning. Intending to drive to London I ended up with my car parked at Bexley station and me on the train, as South East London was gridlocked due to an accident last night that closed the Blackwall tunnel. 
Anyway I managed to meet my client on time get the job shot and then have a walk up to the Southbank. By then the sun had come out and I was able to shoot some images in a low winter sun.


Mike said...

It looks as if there is not much information in ESC4495 but it can be pushed, have you played with HDR on this? Such an interesting image!

Ian Goodrick said...

Not had the chance to do HDR on that image. I was experimenting on how to efficiently process HDR images last night.
Full res images are very slow to manipulate, so I create a small file from the big files manipulate that file, save the settings, then import the large files and apply the saved settings.
This works fine.
I will see how other images work.

More poppies

Many poppies out in the front garden now.