Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas dinner.

There was almost a crisis in our house this christmas, It was possible that V was going to have to cook our christmas dinner.
Due to a curve ball thrown into my work roster it looked as though I was working on boxing day, the day when we were having our christmas dinner. 
Don’t ask why we were a day late that is another story. As I was not going to be there we realised that she had never cooked christmas dinner in her life. This job had always fallen to me. 

This also got me thinking about what I had learnt over the years cooking christmas dinner. The following are things I have learnt.

1 Christmas dinner time is the time that christmas dinner is served.
2 You will always have too much veg
3 You will never have enough roast potatoes
4 No-one ever wants christmas pud after dinner.
5 When carving the turkey ensure that it is breast side up.
6 No alcohol can be consumed until the correct cooking time for the meat         has been calculated.
7 Do not calculate the cooking time for the meat based on the price per             Kilo.
8 Everyone MUST eat at least one sprout.
9 Yorkshire pudding goes with anything
10 If cooking christmas dinner in an unfinished kitchen, in an oven installed         the previous day, ensure the guests include one child having its first               christmas, no-one will care about dinner.
11 Nothing is funnier than a one year old eating sprouts for the first time.
12 No-one will agree on what you had last year.
13 The starter will be forgotten about until just before the main course is             ready to be served. 
14 No one can agree what wine to have.

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