Sunday, July 28, 2019

The attic window view.

We had an attic conversion done on our house aver 20 years ago. At that time I was still taking pictures on a film camera. when I cam back from a job I would almost always have a few frame left on a 35mm roll of film. Normally I put a 35mm lens on and fired off a few frames of the view out of the window with the spire of the local Babtist church in the centre of the frame.

Over the next few years I collected lots of these views covering the full year.

When I moved to digital I stopped doing this with any great regularity. But today thought I would do a quick shot out of the window.

The weather was a bit overcast but I didn't think the scene had changed much.

Until I scanned some old slides 

It always surprises me how much a view you see everyday changes, without ever really changing.

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More poppies

Many poppies out in the front garden now.