Sunday, September 25, 2016

Day 10 Around the town

Yesterday V had a couple of really bad Mozzy bites and was feeling a bit fragile.We had planed to go out to Nanu but it soon became apparent that we were not going anywhere today.

V returned to bed and I set out to walk the Kateractis.

On the way round to the top I redid some of the pictures from yesterday with the light better.

Then it was down the path. Very different from the Klistrata. Also I found it much harder. No shade rough and always on a slope or steps.

By the time I was at the bottom it was time for a drink and a snack.

Anyway by the time I got back and had a rest V was feeling better and we went out for a walk up the road to the cemetery.

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The civic centre is 60/70s brutalist. Took a quick walk around the building while on Tuesday night beer run.